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Mobile Marketing Strategies

If you have been ignoring mobile marketing for the past year then you have a huge market that you haven’t tapped yet. Just look at all the smartphones and tablets being sold today. Most of the people will be getting online using these devices and targeting them for your marketing is what you should be doing now.

The first step in entering the mobile market is by having a mobile version of your website. As we all know these mobile devices have pretty small screens. A website that may look good on your 20 inch desktop monitor might not look that good on a mobile screen. There are some tools that can automatically format your site for mobile viewing by creating a mobile version of it. I suggest you check these tools out.

Your next step is to get as much information as possible on the mobile scene. Try to stay updated on the latest news and trends on mobile. Listed below are some of the resources you can check out.

  • Mobile Marketing Watch
  • Near Field Communications
  • 2d Code
  • Google Mobile Webmaster Tools Help
  • Google Mobile Ads YouTube Channel
  • Wikipedia – XHTML Mobile Profile
  • W3C Mobile Web Best Practices
  • WPBeginner
  • Mobile Awesomeness
  • Mobile Marketing Linkin Group

Now that you’ve got all the basics covered lets discuss about mobile marketing.

Use Narrow Targeting

One mistake you can make here is targeting widely. This is a problem since there is still no proper tool to track down analytics on the mobile front. Try targeting a specific handset model of a specific carrier. If you can target non-smartphone users then this will be great since they will give you a higher conversion rate.

Know What You Are Offering

Try to understand your offer and know how it converts. One important factor here is to also get to know how your competition is running their offer. This way you can do a comparison and see where they are succeeding. This may sound easy but it really isn’t since there’s not a lot of intelligence tools out there that can gather this data on the mobile front.

Constant Testing

Just like other marketing mediums, mobile marketing requires constant testing on your part. Try to run numerous ad copies and see how they perform. The data you gather from these tests will show you which ones will be successful and which ones are not. You will want to have at least 5 versions of a particular ad copy and see which ones work best.

Although there are still not a lot of people concentrating on mobile marketing efforts the shift is already in that direction. With tablets and smartphones currently dominating laptop sales we will be seeing more people accessing the Internet on the go. And with more people accessing content using mobile devices it’s going to be a race as to who can provide the best marketing plan for this segment.

What is Internet Marketing?

Although the question sounds to be pretty simple, if you search over net, you will get people writing on it from many different angles. Why so? It’s the vastness of the subject that makes it so ‘ambiguously obvious’.

Well, to keep things simple, allow me to give you the basic idea of internet marketing.  Internet marketing or online marketing is a genre of marketing where products are sold with the use of internet.

Products can be tangible or non-tangible. Selling could be done direct or indirect. But the basic marketing medium is internet.

Internet marketing involves digital customer data management (DCDM) and electronic customer relationship management (ECRM).

Internet Marketing Avenues

Internet marketing primarily follows two major avenues – (1) search engine optimization (SEO) and (2) search engine marketing (SEM), with other sub-avenues constantly developing each passing day.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can use this technique to improve visibility of your website. Technically speaking, by using on-page and off-page SEO techniques, you can get higher SERP ranking. Tailoring content to improve page relevance and building backlinks are the two most important SEO factors that need fine-tuning to attain the desired results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM offers paid marketing solution including paid placement, pay-per-click management, paid inclusion, contextual advertising and so on. Just like SEO, it also improves your site’s visibility and drive traffic, but in a different way altogether. SEM is a technique that tailors advertisements in such a way that they become more relevant to searches and ranking.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This type of online marketing approach has gained optimum popularity these days. The process of marketing through social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can help an entrepreneur to successfully promote his products or services online.

Affiliate Marketing

In this marketing method, you will promote a product owned by someone else and earn revenue if you can make a sale through your affiliate link. Unlike to direct marketing approach, you do not need to take the hassles like customer service, follow-ups, etc. As a vendor, you reward your affiliates for making a sale. Usually this reward is decided on a percentage value of the product price.

Combining all these strategies you can design a successful internet marketing campaign. However, inclusion of affiliate marketing will depend on the business model you choose. It may be possible that you don’t really need to include affiliate marketing in your business model (for example, online auction or MFA websites).

If you are new to the world of internet marketing, it’s imperative that you seek professional help or it’s likely that you feel overwhelmed with the abundance of information you’d accessing each moment.

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