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Dewan Rakib Shah / Web Developer & Entrepreneur
I am a passionate Front-End Web Developer specialized in development of HTML5, CSS3, Responsive & WordPress.
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Dewan Rakib Shah About Me

About Me.


My name is Dewan Rakib Shah, an Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer from Bangladesh.

about rakibI am the Founder  of Vromor. Besides that, currently I am also working as a Web developer, Specially in WordPress Development. I really enjoy my work thoroughly and yes I love my company dearly.

I am extremely proud of what I am today and this is the main reason as to why I am writing to you. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not being boastful at all. I just want to impart to you the importance and efficiency of Internet marketing and also feasible ways to earn through the internet.

I have specially created this website for those who are really interested in making money from the internet. Are you one of these people? Do put that thought on hold as I hope my website will help you in rendering the relevant information. This will be like an informative platform where I will be sharing my personal experiences with you. I shall be writing blogs related to the subject on a regular basis. Do make it a point to pay regular visits to my blog site once in a while. I will be just more than happy.

I will be discussing on important topics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM), Social Media Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. It is my mission to inculcate all the efficient ways and methods on how to make money online on to your mind. It is indeed the technological era and with the emergence of New Year, I really want you to start off an online career which is interesting. And yes, the scope to earn is limitless.

My expertise as an Internet Marketer

Utmost client satisfaction is the topmost priority of our company. As an internet marketer, I offer the same to all the clients. The main source of my online income is content and affiliate websites. I am also engaged in other internet marketing services such as SEO, SERM, and social media marketing including blogging and twitter and Paid Search Marketing (PSM)

Would you consider hiring my services?

Now that you have an idea about me and the kind of work I handle, now This is the time to hire my services if you need. I am telling you this entire thing not because I want to earn huge amount of money by rendering my services to you. On the contrary, I want you to believe that the online medium is eagerly awaiting your response. Do let me know if I can help you in any way.

You can write to me at mail [at] and ask anything that you would like to know. I will happily answer all your queries.

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Dewan Rakib Shah