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Dewan Rakib Shah / Web Developer & Entrepreneur
I am a passionate Front-End Web Developer specialized in development of HTML5, CSS3, Responsive & WordPress.
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Dewan Rakib Shah Welcome to My Personal Blog – My Own Thoughts on...

Welcome to My Personal Blog – My Own Thoughts on Internet Marketing

Hello Guys! Welcome to

I am Dewan Rakib Shah and this is my personal website. From time to time I will share my personal thoughts here.

So, at first I would like  introduce myself . I am still a student, doing my bachelor in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I founded Vromor and working as Web consultant there as well. I am working in this field and learning gradually for last couple of years. The more I am learning the more I am getting sure that how little know, anyway, I am a quick learner and dedicated too, so hoping to be an expert in this area in near future.

Please don’t forget to know more about me, it’s pasted in this website.

If you are wondering about what this site is all about then you got it right!  This site is all about Internet Marketing and Web Development including Web Design, Graphics Design, WordPress Development and so on. My vision is to share my little knowledge with my fellow readers through this blog.

I own various kind of blogging sites and websites which I use for my work, but this one is fully different from other sites.This is where I will share my experiences, my knowledge, and some effective advises so that you can also gain some knowledge.

I will try to cover the following topics based on my expertise:

  • SEO, SEM and SMM
  • Reviews for different products I have used
  • Business Development
  • Making Money Online
  • Web Design & Development
  • WordPress and so on..

No matter what are your thoughts or what opinions you have, I will always appreciate your feedback and suggestions for improvement of this Blog. Don’t hesitate to contact me following This Link. I will try to get back to you soon.

And don’t forget to subscribe for all latest updates from me.

I believe your inspiration is my strength to be learned and to share my experience with you.

Stay with and enjoy.

Happy Reading!

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